When it comes down to it, most audio visual systems are really communication systems; aids in the delivery of a message either to an audience situated locally, or remotely through a telecommunication platform. Considered in this way, it becomes obvious that the audio performance of our systems is critical, as we can still easily communicate most of a message with audio only, but would find it absurdly difficult with video only.

We draw from our experience in room acoustics, sound system design and audio DSP programming to get the best from sound systems of all types. Using industry-best simulation-modelling and measurement techniques, we optimise sound systems for gain-structure, levels, equalisation and importantly for conference systems, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC).

Whether you require sound system design, optimisation or training, our consistent, measurable, and repeatable approach ensures your sound system will be running at its optimum potential.

Benefits of our optimisation service include:

  • Confidence that your audio system will perform to its fullest potential
  • We will work with your staff on-site, so audio skills can be learned
  • Specialist skills available on-demand; either for installers without audio specialists on staff, or when your skilled staff are unavailable

See how our services have helped in:

“In most classrooms I set the volume to about half way on the touch panel, but in lecture theatre 2 I set it at max because it’s never loud enough”…

Educational institutions manage large numbers of AV equipped spaces, ranging from simple meeting facilities to full-featured presentation spaces. Across these varied spaces, educational institutions also wrangle with a variety of hardware configurations, as spaces are commissioned by multiple installers over time.

Educational AV managers work hard to standardise the user experience by providing consistent user interfaces across disparate spaces, though variations in audio performance due to hardware configuration differences often remain.

By providing objectively measurable and repeatable sound system performance – regardless of the hardware used – Optimal Audio can help to provide consistency across spaces and a seamless user experience.

“We have one of those conferencing units in our boardroom, but it sounds terrible, so we just use a mobile on speakerphone”…

In corporate environments, effective communication is key. The increasing use of video conferencing technology means that more than ever, corporates are reliant on AV technology to do business. So when audio performance is sub-par, communication is hampered, and precious time is lost.

Combining our experience in room acoustics and sound system design, Optimal Audio can get the most out of your conferencing equipment in your environment, ensuring moments of “can you hear me” are a thing of the past.

“We put tape over the volume control because it’s too loud if it goes past 3″…

For many entertainment venues, audio is an essential part of the atmosphere, but its control is often relegated to a store room or cupboard, only to be operated by “experienced” personnel who know the magic settings to set it just right.

By correcting gain structure and level issues, Optimal Audio can get the most out of your sound system whilst alleviating the stress of finding the right settings for any scenario.